Monday, December 28, 2009


The Kingdom of God is threatened by demon invaders. Lucifer
assembles a third of the Divine Host attempting to overthrow God
and His legions of angels, to place himself as ruler of the Celestial
Kingdom. The angels that have formed an alliance with Lucifer are
called Watchers, Grigoris, and Zones (known as Demonites). These
angels have revolted against God by refusing to be servants to Adam.
Diplomatic efforts have collapsed, and the region has plunged into
anarchy. Chaos and turmoil have shaken the heavens and have
weakened the suppression power of the seal. Now the Celestial
Kingdom has come to encounter darkness.

In a fierce battle, Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel
lose their weapons, and they are taken captive by Demonite forces.
During an intense battle, their weapons, The Pendant of Light, The
Bow of Justice and Arrows of Truth, The Shield of Strength, and The
Sword of Power all fall out of the spiritual realm, and they manifest
into the natural world. Buried in the Earth, the weapons are lost and
sealed away until the sons of Adam—Abe, Dave, Josh, and Jake—
discover these powerful treasures. Accidentally, they unlock the
weapons’ secrets, opening a doorway into the spiritual realm.
Entering a world untouched by time, they meet a mysterious guardian
known as Melchizedek.

Knowing their mission, he leads them into a place called the Chapel
Pyramid. Hidden within the shadows of the pyramid are the Four
Eternal Stones of the Gods: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond.
All are lying dormant. Deep within these sacred stones lie the Four
Enchanting Beasts of Light, the phoenix, Pegasus, the unicorn, and
the griffin, defenders of the cosmos, ready to be released if called
upon. With transcended bodies, the sons of Adam come face to face
with a vengeful spirit hell-bent on ousting God as ruler of the angelic
world. Manipulation and distrust have divided the Celestial Kingdom,
putting God vs. gods and man vs. spirits in an epic battle of the ages.

If both worlds are to survive, the sons of Adam must rely on their
instincts and skills to defeat Lucifer and his hoards of Demonites.
They realize that there is no greater calling than that which has been
bestowed upon them. They must free the Archangels from their
prison, and unite them with their weapons to beat back a relentless
foe. If they should fail, both worlds are doomed for all eternity.